The Added tension

Let your goal oriented mind be at rest for a little while. Allow us to unfold something for you…

You keep adding tension to yourself and creating limitations for your life by using patterns of the need for a goal. You believe that and idea of sorts, of yours, should come to fruition in a certain way – most often a way that proves some kind of worth, be it monetary or material or otherwise measurable.


We are here to show you that behind the scenes, the veil of the seen, all already is. It is a part of creation already. There has never been a goal, merely a path and that path has already begun, beyond time and space.
Beyond anything  you could ever measure with your sense perceptions and your mind conclusions.

Would you be able to comprehend that the path has aldready begun and thus the goal has already been achieved?
You did not start anything nor will you ever finish anything because Infinity.
You are tapping into a realm frequency in which you experience and implement a possible reality. Your intentions are the aim of that frequency – just like when you tilt your head towards the sun to experience the warm rays. But just as the Sun shines on Everything on Earth, no matter how “good or bad”  – no matter how you define that which is  – it shines on, so are you from your standpoint able to aim and intend to what you wish to perceive  and that in turn creates your reality and your comprehension of what is able to be created. But please know that all is already here. In the vast field of infine possibilities. You aim for something and that brings you into the frequency of that possibility, the energy and the opportunity. You become the Experiencer of that possibility.

You keep looking for the payoff. No matter what way you perceive that payoff to be valuated in and as. This way of unfoldning what is as it is opens up a new realm for you. The realm of pure experience beyond what can be “measured”. It becomes the way you pave your path onwards and forwards in and as your life experience. You get to choose, and once you truly see and know that all already is, you become part of the Oneness and you become aware of the way you are contributing and participating in the creation of the Now that is constantly unfolding.

Not in the matter of more or less, but in a matter of width and breadth to what you are open to include as your perceived reality. And the vaster the space of Knowing, Awareness and Unfolding of what is already there the freer you feel, the lighter you feel and you begin to flow with life, as life, in life. Instead of pushing the stream trying to make the water flow a certain way you realise you are the water and  you flow and you dance and you swirl.






The Ego and the Personality

Everything we experience is frequencies. Frequencies are like radiochannels. We get to chose what freqency we want to explore and connect to. Every frequency has an energy that is built up by the amount of energy we put in there. How important we make it. This also goes for the Ego. The Ego is the energy of proving your personality.

What is the personality?
The personality are the traits you came here with. What you are here to manifest. We all have good and bad traits. Helpful or unhelpful traits. We then spend years amongst people who themselves might be trapped in defending who they believe they are and are not.
The key is to recognize the parts of the personality you have at this moment, so that you can choose what parts of yourself you wish to cultivate.

By using a mantra you can assist yourself to anchor more energy to the frequency in which the trait resides.

For example you wish to be more grateful. Sit in your stillness and focus on your inner light and say to yourself “I am grateful”.

The power is yours to what you create. But unless you are willing to see ALL of you you will be lost in the Ego realm either defending or ignoring, trying to avoid or trying to hold on to what you came here with.

In the realm of the WhiteLight, where the fabric of life creates everything, there is no right or wrong. The decision lies within you. What do you want to manifest?
Why did you come here?



When all seems dull

Dear Earthling,

Yes. Earthling. Like a child you run around looking for more and more. More to explore. That is an innate longing because that is why you came here. To see, to explore, to experience. All of who you are. But sometimes you get lost in the idea that everything needs a reason. And that reason is something that you conclude in your mind.

And you in particular like to experience events in your life that brings on happiness.

We are not saying that is wrong because for us nothing is in the realm of right and wrong. We just see what is. So you create from your mind what will please it.

And then sometimes you feel like the earth is crumbling beneath your feet. Something that you label bad occurs. A loss. A feeling of fatigue. A loss of inspiration. Inertia even.

And it is so much easier to judge the bad stuff because you make it all about you. You identify with all that you feel and think and thus it all sums up to who you want to be and not to be. You already BE. Being is not the same as doing, although all you do springs from the being.Life´s longing for itself. Fully.

So we wish to bring up the topic of inertia. When you just feel like sitting down and never getting up again. Hopelessness that prevails in all of the parts of your life. There is no inspiration and you might even think you as a person is completely useless.


We see this daily. Sometimes as a whiff in the mind, sometimes tainting someone’s entire perception of themselves leaving them no other choice than suicide and a space to rejuvenate on the other side. This is a very tragic event as the being has been shut out of life and even the whisper of the heart is no longer listened to and heard.

But what is actually happening? How come so many fall into the deep hole of inertia and depression. One might think of it as a restart button. The body and the mind are in collaboration with the soul and it is signaling that there is something that has gone almost havoc. Life and the strains to avoid the present moment to the extent of not listening to the soul’s longing to experience everything and all has come to a point where it hast to stop and be revised. The brain as it has developed through the eons is prone to look for chemicals like dopamine to enhance the experience and spark off sensations of pleasure. Only you try to avoid the opposite of that. The other end of it so to speak and only look for pleasure the system will break down.

This might feel like something really bad. Like a failure. Please have compassion. And treat yourself with kindness. Yes, you took the easy way out. Yes you went for all the abundance in the “joy” of life. Or the validation from others about how good you are. Your mind addicted to more and more. And trying desperately to avoid failing. And you are not alone in this. But just as with any action there is consequence in the realm of right and wrong, what I like and do not like. What I want and do not want. This is the deal. This is the gameplan.

This space of inertia, where everything seems dull, is actually your being calling for you from within. A silent whisper trying to be heard. An overtaking of the body/mind system to restart your life. You, so to speak, get a second chance.

But is this the only way to live, you might ask. How can I avoid this to happen again.

Fear comes up. Anger might arise. Blame, shame, guilt.. all the heavy emotions. Panic attacks. Heartache. Stomach aches. Aches and pains in the body. The body and the mind will reaffirm to you over and over again how pointless the striving to cling to only the “good” stuff is. Because everything changes. Things change. Nothing lasts. And if you fight that fact or if you avoid acknowledging it your body/mind will remind you. Sooner or later. But you do have choice. That is the beauty. You are the creator and with us co creators of that change.

Have you noticed that most often when people burn out or stress out or get a serious illness and recover, or avoid a fatal accident, they totally change their lives? They realise that life is priceless. That life is a gift. That life is a ride. You can experience so much in a body that you wouldn’t be able to without it.

And from this change the whisper from the Being becomes a certain inner voice that speaks to you. That talks to you. That offers you clues. That brings you awareness you had no idea you had. That pulls you towards things that makes your heart sing. That opens you up to the greater beyond than the smallness of the egoic mind trying to please itself into oblivion. That moment by moment fills you up. Making you content and happy from within regardless of what the story the mind is creating.

Scientists have done research on our ability to think, which the mind does, and found that we can only think to a certain extent. So if you are prone to believe only your thoughts, and the stories the mind create, be aware of that that is like only acknowledging the green outside in nature and disregarding everything else. Green, for sure, is present. But you miss out on so much more.

There are many ways to avoid getting to this  point of hopelessness and inertia. There are many ways to in a helpful manner help you step out of this space of hopelessness.

And I am sure you know what it is for you. And most often it is something creative. Or involves nature. Or animals. Or plants. So don’t be afraid to go look for what makes your heart sing. Somewhere where you feel free. Non-defensive. Open-hearted. In allowance. In a space of no-judgement. Where compassion and kindness awakens again.

And make the choice to choose that. The mind might tell you otherwise because it still has it´s neuron connections. Be persistent.

We are always here to assist you. Remember we need to be addressed. We need to be called for. We are awaiting your call. And we will be there. Instantly.

Best regards,

The Angel realm


The Freedom of Releasing


We wish to share with you that there is nothing that is ever lost. You fear letting go as if the good you had would not come again. That releasing that which brought you joy would somehow be lost. Or even worse.. you will loose the joy and not receive more joy.
All of this is a play in polarity. Where there is good and there is bad and there is some kind of force that is for you or against you. You fear that if you let the good go it might not come again and you will stand empty handed with nothing but  the grief of loss.
We hold you in our arms.

Letting go of, releasing, the seemingly good and the seemingly bad is an act of Freedom.
That which you set free is an act of choice for something greater to which you have no concept yet. Nothing to cling to. Nothing to strive for. Nothing to crave. This space is that of True freedom.
The good, the joy, the happiness that you have had is within you. In your experience. That which you attach to it have long gone passed. You were there. You were  the creator. The one who created the possibilities and cultivated the space for it to occur. Treasure that from within. Treasure your capacity to create and expereince that which makes you happy.
Happiness is good for you. It is good for your body. It nourishes the inner smile of your soul. But clinging to it is a downward spiral into suffering.
Every moment you breathe. Every moment you see, smell, hear and touch. Every moment is new. Brand new. And is within itself so rich. If you are there. If you cling to the past and strive for the future to fulfil your dreams you are not here. Nor are you now. Time is a construct but the now is here in this moment and nowhere else. It is a sum of all your creations. And what you are in this precious moment is the Mother  of the Next moment. So be aware and true to your core values. And should you faulter and get lost feel no guilt. Guilt is a stone on your waist. Pulling you back down. Guilt has no place in you.  It is also a construct because you are entrained with good and evil. Good and bad. Good and not good. What is good?
Good is no harm. Good is creating connnection. Good is creating freedom. Good is…

Good is what makes you step out of your shell and Shine Your Light. Without fear. Without being trapped in the striving, the clinging and the craving.

Beloved, fear not. Greive no more. You have alwasys done your best and every day, every moment, every second you are more aware and you can make choices based on what you now know. If you relate your now to the past you are pulling yourself down. Realise you are magnificnet. In the Lotus shines the Jewel. So strive for nothing else but to the Light in. The Light that is in you and outside of you and in every atom and molecule and in every galaxy beyond time. Let the fear subside. Embrace the one who clung to fear. Embrace the one who wanted to be right. Embrace all of  you. For once you embrace All of you Freedom is present. Tasting sweeter than anything you have ever known. Once there is nothing to defend you are free. And once you realise all that you are trying to defend passes…  you realise that in this now – In this Right right now Freedom is awaiting you in Loving Arms – You are already there. Because you are Here.



Compassion and Acceptance

Dearly Beloved,

Today we wish to speak to you about compassion and acceptance.
Every day we see you fighting wihtin yourself to shun and to get rid of the parts of your being that feels uncomfortable – or that you do not wish to have.
The energy of self hatred and resentment thrives within your mind and cells. It is not kind.
We wish to spread some light onto this so that you can be more at peace.

Compassion simply means that you recognize that within the realm you are currently residing there are different emotions and thoughts and patterns that are available for you to encounter, and that you are willing to experience them. To have compassion and to show compassion with yourself is key to inner peace and mindful living.
Compassion means that you are inviting your Soul, your True Essence Self, to BE with the limited beliefs that you are holding onto so that they can be acknowledged. In acknowledging that they are energetic patterns you are able to observe in a way. That creates a gap, a small space, between what you think you are and that which you truly are.
The gap offers you a way of clear seeing and a space where choice is available. We wish also to remind you that there is no wrong or right here – from the perspective of Allness/Oneness.
This is truly where your free will comes in. You have absolute free will if you are 100 % mindful of the Here and Now. In this space offered to you by you you are free to choose what do do with what you now know. How to act and when to not act. Perhaps you find the issue to simply dissolve. Perhaps you find that you at this moment cannot change what is occuring. Perhaps you find that there is an action you can take that will create change. What change? In what essence lies your ethics about what you wish to bring forth?
Compassion with yourself means that you include everything. You are willing to Be with whatever arises in your experience.

Acceptance. What does it really mean? Some people frown when the topic of acceptance appears. We don´t want to accept that which we do not like or approve of. Most often the topic of violence and war comes up because they are at the outmost polarity of unkind actions on your planet. You show your most inner suffering by creating more in order to acknowledge and be acknowledge as what you perceive yourself to be.
So what if you start with yourself? When practicing acceptance towards yourself and all that arises, when you are allowing all the parts of yourself to be there, you find that what you wish to prove about yourself no longer is as important. You can BE with yourself in the midst of suffering and say to yourself “Yes I perceive this as suffering! This feels really hard. I feel sad. I feel pain. I feel…” whatever is apparent for you – acknowledge it. Own it. And then care for it with the Loving Kindness and Compassion you wish for in your heart.
Accepting what is and offering a space of allowance for what is offers you a gateway to the Universe. It is like unlocking a door. You have to do it yourself. You have to chose the door. The door to Oneness. And bit by bit the door opens and the light comes in and shines on you. And the light offers you to see more clearly what it is you are trying to hide from yourself. But as the Light shines in you are also even more aware of that you are not alone and you are infinite and that insight makes you even more bold! Inviting you to more. But you must chose yourself. And as your ability to have and feel compassion and acceptance for all that is within you fear dissolves. Fear cannot live when nothing is bad. Fear cannot live when all things are allowed. If we allow all that is present we have a brand new moment available – untainted by beliefs and by expectations. A new moment from which the next moment is Birthed. What dearly Beloved would you like to Birth?





Every Moment, every Breath..

.. is a brand new one!

Some days seems tainted with emotions and thoughts causing suffering. The inner suffering mirroring outside of us reflected thought the means and actions of others. But must it be so?

That which we believe ourselves to be is what we try to be acknowledged as through our mirroring others. Feeling of being worthless or bad. We act them out. And see what reply we receive. Call and receive. Calling out what our inner is trying to validate. But beyond that is the realm of the Infinite. We must be willing and practice to see beyond this acting out of suffering. To put our focus on the Inner Goodness, the Life Force expressing through the being. The passageway to the Beyond of Identity.

In seeing that what is actually going on is a being trapped in the web of suffering. In the web of clinging or craving. We cling to our beliefs and we long for and crave validation to see if it is true. But beyond anything we could ever pinpoint. Beyond anything we could ever believe ourselves to be is that which is not definable. And that which has no interest in polarities of right and wrong. The space of no need for validation. It merely is and it exists and within that realm is the ever present love and life force. That which wishes the best for everyone and everything. That which wishes to end suffering.

In creating a space where you as the observer of your feeling cravings and clingings you can also reach a point where you are fully aware in the present moment. There is always a choice on how you react. After all all you have and be is in this moment. This moment is your life. This is what you create. What creates the next moment. You might experience emotions brought up by fear or you might experience an anger as strong as the hottest flame. Yet here you are. In choice. This moment has one gift to you. It is the gift of the Infinte possibility. So what will you choose? Which path will you tread?
Is this kind?
Is this necessary?
What does this create, now and in the future?
What does my Infinite Self call me to do?

Breathe. Stop. Breathe. Accept All that Is in the Moment. For this is it!
Now do you need to act? How do you wish to act? Or is it more kind to let it go?
To allow whatever appears to be true to melt into the space of the Infinite.
Can you allow yourself to trust yourself?


One message..

.. over and over again?!

Perhaps you, as well as I  am,  when in a state of a restful mind receive messages from other realms. From Angels, Guides and Lightworkers. Perhaps you also channel. Perhaps you, as well as I, are wondering if the Message of Love is all they wish to convey? 
I asked. This is what I received. Namasté ❤ 

You ask us why we keep on flooding you with words of Kindness and of Love.
That you are Awareness, Light and a Creator of Magnitude. We sprinkle dust of
Love over you as you sleep and we spread the Message through your being on Earth.
You wonder… isn´t there anything else to be said, as if that was not enough?

We hear you. And this is our message.
First of all there is a need, a longing and a need, for you to truly Know that you are Love and you are Loved. These both energies create a feeling within of safety and it also helps the fear you are entrained with to vanish. There is nothing more important in the history of mankind than to find this space within. Thus we will keep on our work until you feel it
and you Know it, in every realm of yourself. This human realm is a challenge as your mind is busy all the time comparing. Within the realm of the Soul there is no comparing, there is just being. The sould doesn´t have any interest in comparing as it is not striving. It is at peace. But your human mind is not. To one part that is absolutely correct as that is what
sparks you to create and to aim for greater greatness. This spark is what opens you up
to the potential that is within all of you. The potential to see beyond what you believe and
to act on what you Know from your innermost, from your True self.

But to find this space of which we speak has nothing to do with striving. It has nothing to do with doing the “right thing”. The space is already here. Within and without. Your only job is to recognize it and acknowledge it to the extent that it exceeds all other points of views and belief systems you are entrained to. And you, by using your mind, conclude that that must be hard to do – just as you know this human realm to be energetically costly when it comes to holding belief systems. It is not. This space has no need for energy to be. It is energy. It is the Field. It is the Everything already. In the non-striving. In the being. In the silence you will find it. In the space of awareness, of presence and of trust you will find it. It is within you. As it is within All that is.

We know this. And by us connecting to you through words, through emotions, through dreams and other messages we are helping you to awaken to this. To open you up.
With that said we wish to emphasize that that does not in away conclude that that is a goal for us – it is our gift. Will you receive it?